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team_hayley's Journal

team_hayley; A Hayley Williams fan and fic comm.
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Team Hayley Williams: A fan community focused specifically on the lead singer of Paramore
A community dedicated to Hayley Williams of Paramore

Fansite Banner/Sign 1 - Version 1

Welcome to a fan community specifically focused on Hayley! Created to celebrate what we know and love about the singer of Paramore, you can post fanfic, picspam, icons, banners, signs, and news relating to Hayley or the band.

Now, down to the rules.

General Rules:

- No drama! That means no bad mouthing, heckling, etc...

- Do not promote your communites here! Ask permission from me first! You can contact me at the address below.

Fiction Rules

- Use a beta, spell check or something of the sort, nobody wants to read a story where they can't understand half of what you have written

- Seeing as this is a Hayley comm., make sure you have Hayley in your story at least, preferably as a major character/

- Slash and het and gen (and anything other you can think of) are acceptable here, just rate it.

- Put posts behind an LJ cut, and make sure you have the following info:

TITLE: pretty self explanatory - TITLE HERE
RATING: Y'know, G, PG, PG-13, etc...
PAIRING: also self explanatory, who's together?
SUMMARY: what's it about? And no summaries that say "short!readit!"
DISCLAIMER: you don't own anyone. i don't own anyone. we don't own anyone
AUTHORS NOTES: what do you have to tell us still?</div>

Also, LJ user tags, put your name.

And, LJ cut: Remember, put your story, not your header (above /\ /\) behind the cut. Erase the asterisks (*) first.

<*lj-cut text="cut text"*>

So, follow the rules if you don't want me to delete you or your posts, and if you have any qustions or comments, contact me at: hearts_and_accidents@yahoo.com