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Jan. 16th, 2008 @ 02:39 pm A Conspiracy Against Me
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Title: A Conspiracy Against Me
Author: kazumiarima aka Victoria
Part: 1/?
Rating: Teen 16+up
Pairing: Jayley, Hayley/Josh
Summary: A masochistic lovesick triangle, divided hearts, painful tears, big ego reputation, betrayed anger and darkness collide.
Disclaimer: I only OWN my words. ^_^ I don’t own Paramore. This Never happened.
A/N: The song Conspiracy by Paramore inspired me to write this fanfic. It is also my first fan fic, comments and con-crit are welcomed, this is a modified version of what I had posted before, simply because I had a few mistakes and left out things unintentionally. But thanks for the comments, from the chapters I had posted; I will have them up and going!! ^_^ Also, a big thanks to nishikidokiss, who is my editor, ha-ha yes you read correctly [Editor]. She is going to get me going on my fanfics and getting it to go smoothly like I want it to. So, Enjoy!


    The sun was peeking through the blinds into her room, gently warming her face with its rays of light. The light illuminated her red hair and warmed her light, soft, skin. The corners of her mouth giving off a warmhearted smile as she feels the day being born again. She lets out a low yawn and she starts to move slowly on her back to stretch out, not opening her eyes just yet. She runs her hands on her face slowly as she rubs her eyes. Sighing low, she rests a bit more in the comfortable spot she is in. She takes in the energy of the morning day, hearing the birds chirping and flying by her window, the smell of warm bread being toasted downstairs, and listening to her sisters getting ready for school. She covers her eyes with her hand so the sudden light wouldn’t disturb her eyes. Hayley's shining green eyes looked dazed but beautiful and pure after opening them. She stares at the ceiling thinking of what could possibly be different today. She starts to get up on her elbows lazily and can hear her mom coming down the hall to her door she knocks lightly.

“Hayley…wake up, breakfast is ready hon.” her mom says when she peeks in the room by the door. Making sure Hayley was up.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll be down in a second” she says in return, getting up and grabbing her towels to take a quick shower before heading down.

She staggers to the bathroom yawning low. She turns the faucet on and stretches her hand out under the running water. Unknowingly she starts to space out, and breaks out of her trance when she yawns one more time. As soon as the water was warm she took off her clothes and climbed in the shower carefully. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth of the water on her body, soothing her goose skin that she attained after getting out of the comfort of her warm bed. Under the running water Hayley held her hand in a cup shape and wondered if love was pure and warm as the water in her hand felt and looked. Hayley didn’t know love much less anything to do with dating. She never had a boyfriend. Even though guys have asked her out on a date before, she has always denied them simply because she didn’t feel the same way about them. At times, Hayley would feel that she wasn’t attractive or good enough for someone. She would feel like the fifth wheel when she would go out with her best friends, Ana and Marie, and their boyfriends. Hayley’s thoughts vanished when she smelled the strawberry shampoo that was now covering her hair. She finished up in the shower and walked towards the sink to brush her teeth.

Looking in the mirror, she thought that one day she would find the one guy whom she would love and be loved in return. “Looks aren’t everything...I'm good enough.” she said in her head. One day she wouldn’t be a fifth wheel anymore. Hayley felt that that day was going to be different than any other day.


“Okay, c’mon girls before we’re late” her mom says as she opens the door. She grabs Erica and Mckayla' hand and leads them to the car. Hayley comes right behind them and says, “Its cold today didn’t think it would be.”

“Help your sisters in the car, Hales,” her mom says as she goes to the driver’s side.

“Well, duh Hayley! It was on the news last night but since you were on the phone with your boyfriend Jeremy-“Hayley nudges Mckayla on the head before she finished her sentence. Erica and Mckayla giggle saying in unison “Ewww boy coo dies!!” Hayley helps them in the car saying “He’s not my boyfriend he’s my best friend and Jeremy would agree with me” she sticks her tongue out at them in a childish way before getting in the car.


After dropping Mckayla and Erica off at school, they arrive at Arcadia High School. Hayley starts to feel nervous as she reaches over to her mom and kisses her goodbye saying, “I love you”. When Hayley holds the door open to get out, the nervousness starts to make her sick. Her mom suddenly says “I love you too and have a good day at school, sweetheart” They wave at each other before she drives off.

Hayley turns around and sees crowds of teens in front of the school. Hayley then spots her best friends, Ana and Marie, by the entrance of the school. Hayley heads over to them greeting them with a hug.

“Are you ready for today Hales?” Ana says as she smiles gently to Hayley.

Ana is Hayley’s childhood best friend. Ana is an outgoing person with plenty of confidence who loves attention and praise. She’s a pretty good-looking girl with light brown hair and matching eyes. Not to mention she developed earlier than most of the girls in her class. She always dates the most popular guys at school simply because she is the head cheerleader. So you can say that Ana owned the school.

The strange thing about Ana and Hayley’s relationship is that Ana would surrender to Hayley easily without a fight. Ana could never understand as to what it is about Hayley that made her feel that way, at least not yet.

“Yeah I’m ready. I just hope that I don’t have hard classes this semester” Hayley says looking unsure. Ana puts her arm around her shoulders.

"Don't worry Hales" Marie said squeezing Hayley's forearm while smiling at her " you'll do fine just like you did last semester; besides, it's our senior year, they'll go easy on us." She finished saying before giving Haley a hug.

Marie is Hayley's best friend that she met at soccer practice, freshman year in High School. Marie is a conservative naturally beautiful girl with dark brown hair and matching eyes. She is simple and honest, caring and loving towards Hayley. Marie and Hayley's relationship has been a sealed bond since the day they met. Hayley has always found it easier to talk to Marie more than Ana. Hayley is Marie's first real friend, since Marie was an outcast at school she didn't really have a friend she would hang out with or talk to. Hayley was the one who brought her into the light away from the shadows of anti-socialism at school.

 Marie and Ana don't get along really well. The only reason they do now is because Ana is dating James Harris, the star quarterback, and Marie is dating Troy West, James' best friend.

“Hales!! I’ve missed you!! What took you??” Jeremy yells as he comes towards her and hugs her while picking her up.
“JEERR-MEEE, puu-“ she tries to say as Jeremy’s bear hug almost suffocates her, he puts her down slowly knowing that she was a bit weak on her feet after his bear hugs. Leaning against him she says “What’s wrong with you? Huh? We hung out yesterday and we talked on the phone last night, it’s not like an eternity ago.”
He laughs and holds her close to him, “I know, I just wanted to get you relaxed before you go to your hardworking classes.”
She looks up at him with a serious/annoyed face.
“I’m just kidding Hales!!” He laughs again.
“It’s nice that you like to annoy me when I’m worried about what classes I’ll be taking this semester. You know last year was hard for me, but luckily I passed.” She says giving Jeremy a relieved smile with a playful look in her eyes. She crosses her arms in front of her slowly. Jeremy holds her by her arms saying “Hales you passed with flying colors and you even ranked as one of the top nerds…I mean one of the top 5 of our class, you’ll be fine no worries.” Jeremy chuckles and winks at her before taking a bite of his apple that he pulled out of his lunch bag. They smile and laugh while looking at each other’s eyes, pure shy green orbs meeting hazel mischievous ones, they break apart from their gaze as one of Jeremy’s friend calls him. Hayley then turns her attention to her friends, but decides to not interrupt, seeing as they were being lovey dovey with their boyfriends. She let’s out a low depressed sigh and starts to daydream about her with a boyfriend of her own. She wondered off into Hale’s Land, as Jeremy called it.

In Hale’s Land:
“Who would he be?”
“What would he be like with me?”
“Will he be funny or shy?”
“Would I make him so happy?”
“Would he love me…honestly?”
“Would he be a gentleman…or would he expect more from me? Sex wise”
“Am I even ready for that physical relationship?”
“I can’t. I mean I haven’t felt so strongly about someone to even get to that point, much less, kissing.”
“I just hope I don’t suck at kissing or being a good girlfriend to him”
“Where would we meet?”
“Will it be here at school? Or when I’m on vacation with my family?”
The most important thing is…WHEN, when will we meet each other? How much longer do I have to wait?”

When Jeremy came back to where Hayley was at, he noticed that she was off in Hayley land and decided to bring her back to the real world. He went beside her undetected and suddenly pushed her to the side. Hayley being dazed and clumsy, tripped over her foot, shutting her eyes and knowing that the fall would hurt she didn’t open them till she heard an unfamiliar voice by her ear.

“Are you alright?” The unfamiliar voice said. Suddenly she feels unfamiliar warmth covering her arms. She opens her eyes quickly and faces the direction of the voice she heard. She’s speechless staring into deep brown eyes that are staring back at her, immediately; she says slowly “Yeah I’m fine…sorry.” She swears she sees the boy blush and in a few seconds he says, “I’m glad your okay” he gives her a slight smile before saying, “but you’re on my lap and I…”
“OHHH!! OMG!! I’m so sorry!!” Jeremy comes by, trying not to laugh, and grabs Hayley’s hand that she reached out to him. He lifts her up saying, “Sorry, she’s a bit clumsy when she comes back from Hales Land.”
“Hell’s Land?” The boy asks as he gets up with the help of the other boy beside him. “Yeah, Hayley land, her daydreaming spells” Jeremy laughs a bit as he nudges Hayley on her shoulder. Jeremy looks at the boy laughing a bit more seeing as her daydreaming spells reminded him of someone else he knew that had them.
“I’m still so sorry, my names Hayley” She reaches her hand out and the boy grabs it firmly holding it.
“It’s alright, I’m Josh and this is my brother Zac, and we’re new here just moved from New Jersey.”
Jeremy hugs Zac a bit violent welcoming him to the school. Josh and Hayley were still shaking hands and staring into each other’s eyes. Josh couldn’t keep his eyes away from her stunning green eyes as he can see there was more to this girl in front of him. And he is curious to find out everything that is Hayley Williams. The bell rings and they are both drawn out of their trance. Hayley feels that funny tickling feeling in her stomach again only stronger than before. Josh let’s go of her hand slowly rubbing Hayley’s palm slower and noticeable, that she shrieks a bit and goes to grab her bag.

She starts to head towards the school doors. Ana and Marie run to catch up to her yelling in unison, “Hayley wait up!! Whose that guy??”
Josh watches her leave catching a glance at Hayley turning back to look at him while blushing. Josh winks and smiles at her before she turns away, making her shriek again. Josh laughs a bit before turning to look at Jeremy.

“I’m surprised you haven’t made her your girlfriend yet, God knows I wouldn’t waste time.” Josh says smiling while raising an eyebrow at Jeremy.
Jeremy smiles mischievously back at him. Moving towards Josh, he puts his arm around his shoulder and pats his chest with his other hand. As they walked towards the school doors Jeremy says, “No Hales is more your type than mine. To me she’s more like my adorable little sister. And you, Josh, you’re my best friend and right hand man.” Jeremy suddenly stops Josh, and faces him with a serious look in his face and tone of voice.
“If you EVER make her cry or hurt her…this friendship is over, Josh. It’s over. So don’t joke around. Not with her.”
Josh looks at him seriously and a bit frightened almost intimidated by Jeremy’s seriousness.
“I wouldn’t joke around with her Jeremy, you know that I’ve been wanting to meet her. Since you moved away from NJ, and sent that picture to me, of you and her, in your new house.”

“Yeah and he keeps taking it with him to the restroom!!!” Zac yells laughing loud, which surprised Josh and Jeremy who didn’t know he was walking behind them quietly.
Zac runs into the school to avoid getting hit by Josh. Knowing that Josh would punch him when he said things like that about his older brother. Instead, Josh and Jeremy start laughing, seeing that Zac got in trouble for running in the hallway.
After calming down, Josh follows Jeremy saying with seriousness in his voice “That’s not true. Zac’s just immature.”
“Yeah, yeah Farro. Let’s just get to class.”


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