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Jan. 16th, 2008 @ 02:34 pm A Conspiracy Against Me
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Title: A Conspiracy Against Me
Author: kazumiarima aka Victoria
Part: 2/?
Rating: Teen 16+up
Pairing: Jayley, Hayley/Josh
Summary: A masochistic lovesick triangle, divided hearts, painful tears, big ego reputation, betrayed anger and darkness collide.
Disclaimer: I only OWN my words. I don’t own Paramore. This Never happened.
A/N: The song Conspiracy by Paramore inspired me to write this fanfic. It is also my first fan fic, comments and con-crit are welcomed, this is a modified version of what I had posted before, simply because I had a few mistakes and left out things unintentionally. But thanks for the comments, from the chapters I had posted; I will have them up and going!! Also, thanks to nishikidokiss, who is my editor, ha-ha yes you read correctly [Editor]. She is going to get me going on my fanfic and getting it to go smoothly like I want it to. So, Enjoy! ^_^

 “I’m just a reflection of your heart”

 Hayley rushed into the bathroom. Her face was completely flushed when she looked in the mirror. She opened the faucet, and poured water on her face. She felt the fire within her cooling down after feeling the water soak in her skin. She couldn’t stop feeling dizzy from the embarrassment and the thought of what just happened. She could hear her heart beating so rapidly in her chest making it a bit difficult for her to keep breathing steady. She looked at her hand, as she let out a smile, one that Josh would soon come to love. She put her hands on her cheeks.
"I'm blushing again,” She thought. She turned towards the door when she heard it open forcefully.

"Hales, how come you didn't tell us you had a boyfriend?" Ana asked Hayley. She came in the restroom heading towards Hayley. Ana had a radiant white smile, which Hayley secretly envied. All Hayley could do was blush but before she answered Ana.
"Who was that guy, Hales? He's pretty cute." Marie asked excitedly leaning against Hayley's shoulder.
"He's not my boyfriend, you guys. I just...met him today, he's new" Hayley said walking towards the door, looking back at Ana and Marie. She hoped that her friends would stop asking about him, because Hayley was already turning red again at the mere mention of his name.

As soon as Hayley opened the restroom door and stepped out she bumps into someone. Clumsily she tries to stop herself from falling by holding onto the person’s shirt saying, "I'm so-so-sorry." She looks up as she's apologizing, noticing the familiar smile.
"If it's you, then you can hold onto me as much as you want, Hales" Josh says sweetly, close to her ear, putting his arms around her waist. He holds her close to him and gives her the most adorable smile she's seen on a guy.

Hayley froze, she couldn't move or speak, all she can do was be consumed by the delicious chocolate brown eyes that stared deep into her pure green eyes as if they told him all of her secrets. His smile was captivating her whole heart: it beat rapidly in her chest diminishing any thoughts in her mind. This warmth she felt all over her body was energizing as that same morning before she got up. Her body longed for it, longed for this type of warmth and security. Her heart ached a bit; as she realized that this is what her heart was yearning for, for so long. All of a sudden, Hayley lost in Josh' eyes, felt something by her hand, she couldn't take her focus off of his eyes, but she understood the rhythm she felt. It was beating the same as her heart.
What felt like an eternity only lasted about a minute, before they're lips touched, Jeremy pulled Josh back so he could let go of Hayley. Ana pulled Hayley back slowly so she wouldn't fall.

Hayley and Josh were confused as to how they were apart from each other at that moment. They just gave each other a heartfelt smile. Josh nearly melted when Hayley’s cheeks turned rose red and a genuine smile appeared to him. He felt his cheeks burn up quick, and as he turned to face Jeremy, he could hear Hayley giggling. It warmed his heart that he felt weak in the knees, as he watched Hayley happy and smiling at him and no one else. He let out a sigh with a smile and couldn’t believe that Jeremy would even think that he would or could hurt this beautiful girl in front of him.
“No…I’d never hurt her, all I want…is to be with her…to be mine.” He thought to himself as he bit his lower lip slowly. Jeremy noticing Josh’ trance stare, he ran his hand in front of Josh’ eyes saying, “Heeelllooooo FAARROO!!...Earth to Farro.”

He pushed Josh the same way he did earlier to Hayley, to wake him from his Farro dreamland.
“What!” Josh says out loud as he catches himself before he falls against Ana.
“Let’s get to class before, us three are late and get in trouble.” Jeremy said while winking mischievously at Josh giving him his schedule. Josh looked at him odd before looking down at his schedule.
“Okay, but…who’s the third? He asked Jeremy looking at him confused.
Jeremy gave Hayley her schedule, “Us of course” he said while putting his arm around her. Josh couldn’t help but feel a pinch of jealousy when Jeremy put his arms around Hayley. Although, Josh was thrilled to know that he would be able to get to know Hayley a lot more this way. Josh smiled immediately while going towards Hayley saying, “Let’s go then.”

Just then Ana felt this rage of jealousy and anger because Josh did not notice her, not once. She fisted one of her hands in fury noticing that Josh, Hayley and Jeremy were ignoring her, standing right there by them. As if she was nonexistent. Ana had never felt this way before and she did not like it one bit.

In Ana’s Mind:
“I’m not supposed to be watching them talking and flirting!
He should be the one doing that to me NOT HAYLEY!
Hayley is inexperienced and doesn’t have the ASSETS that I DO!

Ana sees: [Marie and Josh being introduced and chatting with the rest.]

Hayley and Marie should be in my place right now…but me? No. NEVER.
When has she EVER got any attention from ANY boy? She only attracts the loser type of guys that no one even notices or wants!!
I’m the Head Cheerleader and the most Popular girl in school, and I practically own the school. Why wouldn’t he want to know my name?
Why would he want to date a tomboy who plays SOCCER??
For crying out loud, Soccer!! Who’s even interested in that anyway?”

Just then Ana, almost ready to blow up from her thoughts, grabs Hayley’s wrist saying “C’mon Hayley, come with me. I have to get my schedule since Jeremy didn’t get mines.” She glares at Jeremy who just says, “Awe, I’m sorry baby but I’m not your slave.” He winks at Ana, and pulls Hayley next to him.
“You’re a big girl now. So you can go on your own, otherwise you’ll just make us late. Since your class IS in the other building.” Jeremy smirks in an evil manner at Ana.
Hayley gets in between them as soon as she sees them come to blows.
“Nana, I’m sorry, but it’s getting late” Hayley says sadly intervening. Jeremy and Ana would have started to get in their millionth fight that never ended well. Marie and Josh held Jeremy back and pushed him towards the end of the hallway slowly.


“Okay, it’s fine Hales.” Ana says surrendering to Hayley’s plea.
“Meet you at lunch then?” she asked smiling gently at her.
“Yeah!!” Hayley says happily giving Ana a warm hug and smile before taking off with the others.
Ana starts to walk off after getting another glimpse of the group disappearing at the end of the hallway. “Uggh!! Jeremy is so annoying!!” She starts stomping angrily to the registration office to get her schedule. She starts to think of the boy’s name. She shouts out loud “Josh!” when she remembers. She looks around to see if anyone noticed what she said. She whispers to herself low “Josh Farro, huh?” while raising an eyebrow and putting her hands on her hips planning something interesting to her alone.


“Hey, you guys, I’m going to go ahead of you. I have to go show some love to my girlfriend” Jeremy laughs grabbing Marie’s wrist and pulling her “You have to come with me for cover up in case I get caught.” Jeremy and Marie laugh, Marie agrees and follows Jeremy. “We’ll see you two in class!!” they say in unison down the hall before turning the corner.


After a nerve racking silence “So…who was that girl beside you anyway?” Josh asks Hayley as she walks beside him. He feels nervous and can hear the shakiness of his voice. He hopes that Hayley can’t tell. Hayley giggles low and Josh knows it’s because of him. He looks forward while blushing and smiling timidly hearing her laugh. He could see her from the corner of his eyes but he didn’t want to look at her cause he knew that he would be tempted to do something. “She’s my best friend since we were kids, she’s pretty outgoing and popular and might I add? That is why she’s the head cheerleader.” Hayley says while smiling at Josh. “She is also dating James Harris the star quarterback…of course.” Hayley says sighing depressingly low. Josh feels a pinch of pain and jealousy when he sees her upset after mentioning this James fuck face Harris. He looks down, letting his hair fall over his eyes as he bluntly asks her “You like this guy or something?” He felt disheartened, anger and jealousy rising deep within his heart just waiting for her to say that one word that could mess this up for him.
“No, no” Hayley says hearing the seriousness in his voice. She continues saying “It’s not that at all, he’s not my type just…just that I feel like I’m the only loser at this school who doesn’t have a boyfriend.” Hayley says giving a weak smile and a sad look in her eyes.
“So I guess I’m a loser too for not having a girlfriend then.” Josh says smiling adorably at her again as his feelings start to subside.

He hears Hayley giggling a bit as she keeps talking. Her voice had a complete pure harmonious sound that brought this calming peace inside of his heart. In his head the words she spoke seemed to just get trapped in there. Josh didn’t want them to ever get out so that he can hear her voice over and over echoing in his mind. He closed his eyes and felt his body shiver when he heard her angelic voice close by. Letting his body surrender to the feelings Hayley was giving him just by being at his side and talking to him without resistance or fear to get close. He could almost hear her heart beating the same rhythm as his and he found it comforting.

“Are you okay Josh?” Hayley said putting her hand on his arm, pouting.
“Huh?” Josh opens his eyes and looks at Hayley’s eyes saying “Oh yeah I’m sorry just that” He gets close to Hayley to the point where their faces are only inches away. This staring game they had could have lasted more than an eternity, saying much more than their words could ever have. Josh then cups Hayley’s face slowly, and as much as he wants to kiss her lips he fights his tempting desire to do so, and kisses her cheek slowly instead. He moves one of his hands to her waist and the other to the back of her neck bringing her close to him. He gets close to her ear and whispers, “I’m just…so happy that one day…you’ll be mine, Hales, you’ll be all mine.” Giving into his temptation, he kisses her ear leaving a trail to her neck, making Hayley whine low as she holds onto the side of Josh’ shirt. She pulls Josh close to her as she squeezes his shirt in her fist. Hayley and Josh start to rub their faces together gently. Kissing each other slowly when their lips would touch or when they would yearn for another kiss. After a while all that could be heard in the hall was two hearts beating as one.


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